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Honey and Stuph™


Stuph Nano-Emulsifier Recipe: Nano-CBD Honey

There is growing interest in a digestible product and/or a topical application product comprising honey along with terpenes, terpenoids, and flavonoids. However, combining honey with these active components faces challenges, such as instability and inconsistent compositions, which as such are unsuitable for use as nutraceutical compositions. Using drink Stuph™ concentrate offers a unique yet simple method of preparing such compositions.


Wild or store-bought honey with low water content [under 25%] is heated to about 45°C. Other ingredients are then gradually added to the blend, such as an anti-oxidant (e.g. vitamin E / α-tocopherol), bioactive compounds (e.g. terpenes, CBD, vitamins, polyphenols, flavonoids, curcumin, etc.) and drink Stuph™ concentrate in water. Mixing is continued for 10 minutes after the addition with a homogenizer (e.g. ultrasonicator) and any bubbles are released. The blend cooled to room temperature and then sealed.

An exemplary formulation

  • 70% honey [~20% moisture]
  • 0.2% liquid vitamin E (α-tocophenol) or STUPH 1010 as antioxidant
  • 10% water with your choice of active ingredient (e.g. terpenes, CBD, vitamin C, curcumin, quercitin etc.) + drink Stuph™ concentrate


The amount of drink Stuph™ concentrate determines how much of the bio-active compound you can load into the honey (bioactive to honey ratio).

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