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Using drink Stuph™

These are the steps to create an oil emulsion using drink Stuph™.  Remember the ratio of drink Stuph™ to your oil is 8:1.  Eight parts drink Stuph™ to one part oil.

Step 1: Heat 25 grams of component B in cup 1.
Step 2: Add 3 grams of oil to cup 1.
Step 3: Mechanically mix both components B and oil in cup 1.
Step 4: Heat 70 grams of water in cup 2.
Step 5: Add component A to cup 2.
Step 6: Mechanically mix both components A and water in cup 2 until dissolved.
Step 7: Set ultrasonic homogenizer amplitude to the desired frequency.
Step 8: Add ultrasonic homogenizer to cup 2.
Step 9: Slowly pour the contents of cup 1 into cup 2, homogenize for 3 minutes.
Step 10: Now you have a 3 gram oil emulsion, add to beverage for desired concentration.

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