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food stuph

Using food Stuph™

These are the steps to create an oil powder using food Stuph™. Remember the ratio of food Stuph™ to your oil is 1:1. One parts food Stuph™ to one part oil.

Step 1: Heat food Stuph™ between 55 to 70°C.
Step 2: Heat oil to between 55 to 70°C.
Step 3:  Add equal parts oil to food Stuph™.
Step 4:  Mechanically mix food Stuph™ and the added oil for 5 to 7 minutes or until uniformly mixed.   The time will vary on batch size.
Step 5:  If the mixture is sticking to the walls are mixing tools increase heat.
Step 6: Add mixture to oven at 60°C (140°F) FOR 120 minutes.
Step 7: The powder is now ready to add to your recipe.

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