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You won’t have any foreseeable supply chain issues with Stuph™

StuphCorp the producer of Stuph™ is fully stocked! We have the Stuph™ you need to infuse all of your best drinks, food, and creams, with any oils, such as CBD, essential oils, or even vitamins you desire!

For the past two years, the world has experienced a devastating virus, wars, and economic woes impacting businesses just like yours. Leading to deaths, severe illnesses, lockdowns, rampant supply hoarding, and supply chain issues. In these uncertain times, StuphCorp can help by eliminating your supply chain worries.

StuphCorp has weathered these two years, we are healthy, safe from war, and our business is thriving. As a worldwide chemical supplier, some of our customers were not as lucky. Some have survived the virus, some have lost their business, and some are located in Ukraine. Our hearts go out to everyone affected in the last two years and we wish you all a prosperous future.

Over the past few months, we are seeing a landslide influx of new customers. Due to our superior product and service, but also thanks to our consistently uninterruptible global supply chains. We encourage anyone unsure of Stuph™ to reach out for a sample and discuss any questions you might have, find our socials and contact information below.

StuphCorp sees record sales, but this in no way has affected our supply. Stuph™ has the amounts you need from samples to the larger commercial volumes you need to take your product to the next level.


US Orders will be shipped via UPS.
Global Orders will be shipped via DHL.

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