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About StuphCorp – A Nano-Emulsifier Company

At StuphCorp, we want to help you make better nano-emulsions and micro-emulsions. We believe that with our talented team, smart Stuph™ emulsifier products and engaged users, like you we can solve some of the most challenging emulsification problems.

What we do

  • We make easy-to-use emulsifiers nano-emulsions and micro-emulsions
  • We develop emulsification protocols for the emulsification of oils, CBD oils, THC or other botanicals
  • We test emulsions for particle size and size distribution using DLS (dynamic light scattering)
  • We consult clients to provide the best solution for their emulsification needs

Our story

StuphCorp started with the problem of nano-emulsifying CBD into a clear nanoemulsion in water. From there it grew into a portfolio of Stuph™ emulsifiers that help you to make nano-size emulsions for lotions, creams, topicals, edibles, drinks or alcoholic beverages.

Who we are

Today, StuphCorp combines chemical expertise and emulsion formulation experience with state-of-art product manufacturing, quality control and logistics of our commercial partners. StuphCorp has exclusive partnerships with key material suppliers to ensure consistent quality and supply of the raw materials for Stuph™ emulsifiers.

StuphCorp is a privately held corporation backed by an international group of leading companies in the field of laboratory equipment, food ingredients and logistics. For investors relation information, please click here!

Please contact us! We will be glad to help you to make nano-emulsions, e.g. clear CBD nano-emulsions that stand out in quality and performance.


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