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Water-Soluble CBD with Stuph Emulsifiers

When not administered as a nano-enhanced formulation, CBD has a very poor bioavailability when taken orally. This makes the formulation of CBD nano-emulsions a key procedure. Stuph offers a range of sophisticated food-grade emulsifiers, which create superior CBD nano-emulsions. Whether you want to produce CBD concentrates, beverages, foods or topicals, Stuph has the ideal emulsifier for your nano-CBD application.

Eye-dropper with clear CBD nano-emulsion
Clear, stable and safe nano-emulsion
The Importance of Water-Soluble CBD

In order to make water-soluble CBD products with a high absorption and bioavailability, the CBD molecules must be encapsulated into a nano-size formulations, i.e. nano-emulsion. A well-formulated nano-emulsified CBD product is a game changer for any customer since nano-CBD is absorbed in the human body’s cells where it can enfold its beneficial effects. CBD is administered for its anti-inflammatory, pain-reducing, anxiety-lowering, relaxing properties and is valued as a natural remedy.

CBD molecules are lipophilic / hydrophobic, which means CBD does not dissolve in water. Since the human blood stream is mostly water-based, the cell permeability of hydrophobic (water-repelling) CBD is really low. This means the CBD is excreted whithout having any beneficial health-effects.

Nano-emulsified CBD is the solution for a high absorption rate and high bioavailability. When encapsulated into a nano-emulsion, the CBD oil  droplets are mixed with water. By reducing the droplet size of the oil-in-water emulsion to nano-size, the minute CBD oil droplets are encapsulated into to continuous water phase. Nano-emulsification makes the otherwise hydrophobic CBD water-soluble and thereby bioavailable for an uptake into the human cells. Nano-emulsified CBD has a very high efficiency and can enfold its beneficial effects in the human body’s cells.

What is a Nano-Emulsion?

A nano-emulsion is an oil-in-water or water-in-oil mixture consisting in nano-sized droplets with a size of less than 100 nanometers (<100nm). Nano-emulsions are used to encapsulate bioactive compounds such as CBD in order to improve the delivery of active ingredients. 

To make stable nano-emulsion the two immiscible liquids (e.g., water and CBD oil) are mixed to form a single phase using an emulsifying agent such as Stuph emulsifiers. 

CBD in Nano-Emulsions

CBD is consumed in many product forms such as supplements and medical formulations, capsules, concentrated hemp oil, beverages, edible goods (baked goods, sweets, chocolate, candies, gummies), condiments, honey, butter, vaporiser cartridges & vape oils as well as in topicals such as creams, lotions, tinctures, ointments and other cosmeceuticals and cosmetic products.

The use of CBD is not only confined to human us, but also includes pets’ wellness and health.

Especially for the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), a reliable, reproducible and standardised formulation is important to assure continuous product quality and customer satisfaction.

Stuph Emulsifiers:

  • drink Stuph™ for beverages
  • food Stuph™ for edibles products
  • cream Stuph™ for topicals and lotions

Stuph emulsifiers covers the whole range for your water-soluble, nano-emulsified CBD products. Wether you want to make CBD-enhanced nutraceuticals, dietary or medicinal supplements, food, beverages or cosmetic products – Stuph has the ideal emulsifier solution for you!

Make great nano-emulsions with Stuph!

  • High quality
  • Clear appearance
  • Food-grade
  • Safe and easy to use
  • No effects on taste, aroma or texture
  • Long-term stability

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