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Material Return Policy – Instructions

With every shipment of emulsifier products for nano-emulsions, StuphCorp is eager to satisfy your requirements. Should it be necessary that you have to return your emulsification product, please follow the instructions below.

For Regular Returns

  • Emulsifier material must be in original, unopened package
  • Return of any emulsifier must be announced to StuphCorp before return shipment
  • Notification for return of emulsifier must be given within 5 business days
  • Order number, date and reason for return of the stuph emulsifier must be provided.
  • If the return is approved, the customer is responsible for the following:
    1. all transportation costs
    2. insurance, if applicable
    3. duties and other similar charges
    4. appropriate and safe packaging for return shipment
  • Product must be returned within two weeks once return has been authorised
  • Shipping damages of returned product resulting from improper packaging or shipping preparation will be the customer’s responsibility
  • A restocking fee of 30% will be applied for regular returned emulsifier merchandise.


For Damaged Product Return

  • When the product is received by the customer in  a damaged condition, e.g. damaged emulsifier packaging, this must be reported to StuphCorp within 24 hours of receiving the damaged product.
  • Please note: StuphCorp packages all nano-emulsifier shipments properly. If parcel service will hand you over an obviously damaged package, do not accept the damaged package. 
  • Customer must supply as much information as possible of the damaged product, including pictures.
    1. Original order number
    2. Date, kind of damage, and reason for return (including pictures)
    3. Date of purchase
    4. State if product is unopened and in original package
  • Customer will keep the damaged product in quarantine until StuphCorp has completed an investigation.
  • Customer will receive a written communication of investigation finding and instructions for release of product for return or discard. May require proof of disposal.

For Shipping Discrepancies

  • Any shipping discrepancy must be reported to StuphCorp within 24 hours of receiving the product.
  • In the event that items are lost, be sure to make a note of it in the delivery receipt prior to signing and giving to the driver. Specify item for the claim:
    1. Damaged or unsealed emulsifier package
    2. Quantify shortages
    3. Document the damage or shortage with pictures
  • The shortage will be subject to investigation. If we find that the claim is justified, StuphCorp will either issue a credit or replace the merchandise.
For further information or claiming a product return, please use the form below or email us [email protected]

US Orders will be shipped via UPS.
Global Orders will be shipped via DHL.

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