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Vitamin C Nanoemulsions with Stuph Nano-Emulsifiers

Vitamin C nanoemulsions offer a significantly increased bioavailability and absorption rate. Stuph nano-emulsifier is an elegant way to prepare high-quality vitamin C nanoemulsions. Stuph nanoemulsions are characterized by food-grade, clear appearance, and long-term stability.


Why Vitamin C Nanoemulsions?

Vitamin C (Vit C) – also ascorbic acid or ascorbate – is a potent antioxidant which is formulate into manifold products in the food, dietary supplement, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. To offer a stable vitamin C product with a high bioavailability, vitamin C must be formulated into an advanced nano-carrier. Nano-carriers such as nano-emulsions and liposomes encapsulate active substances such as vitamin C. The nano-enhanced product stabilises the vitamin and shows an improved transport into the cells in the human body.

What are Nano-Emulsions?

Nanoemulsions are thermodynamically stable transparent or translucent nano-sized systems, where oil  is dispersed in the continuous phase of water (o/w) or water is dispersed in the continuous phase of oil (w/o). The droplet size of nano-emulsions ranges typically between 20-200 nm with a narrow droplet size distributions. In order to stabilise a nano-emulsion and to make it long-term stable, a so-called surfactant or emulsifier is required. Stuph nano-emulsifiers are elegant, simple and safe food-grade emulsifying agents to produce high-quality nanoemulsions for foods, beverages and cosmetics.

Since nano-emulsions are clear or translucent, they are colloquially termed as “see-thru / see-through emulsion”.

Advantages of Nanoemulsions 

Nanoemulsions excel as carrier of active compounds due to their increased drug loading capability and their enhanced bioavailability. Nanoemulsion are used in  dietary supplements, drug therapies, cosmetics,  and biotechnologies. 

Vitamin C-Loaded Nanoemulsions with Stuph Nano-Emulsifier

Stuph nano-emulsifiers are nontoxic and nonirritant emulsifying agents, which can be used for skin and dermal applications, parenteral and non-parenteral administration in general. This makes Stuph nano-emulsifiers ideal for the formulation of cosmetic and cosmeceutical products.

Tonics, liquids, sprays, creams, lotions, balms, and foams are some dosage forms, which can be formulated using Stuph nanoemulsifiers.

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