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Nano-Emulsions for Beverages with Stuph

Why Nano-Formulated Beverages?

Nanoemulsions have many advantages when it comes to the formulation of food and beverages including nutraceuticals and dietary supplements. Having a very small droplet size in the nano-range, nano-emulsions are kinetically stable colloidal systems.
For the formulation of nano-enhanced beverages, an oil-in-water (o/w) emulsion is required. In an oil-in-water (o/w) emulsion, the oil droplets are dispersed in an aqueous (water-based) phase. This kind of emulsion system is used for the delivery of hydrophobic active substances, e.g. CBD, vitamin E, vitamin A, antioxidants, essential oils and aroma compounds.

CBD nanoemulsion for drinks and CBD infused water

The Problem

Without a reliable and powerful emulsifying agent, water-oil mixtures are not a long-term stable mixture and will separate.
Furthermore, many bioactive compounds such as cannabinoids (e.g., CBD, CBG, THC and terpenes), resveratrol, quercitin and vitamins show a very poor absorption rate and bioavailability when administered orally. The bioavailability and potency of such bioactive substances can be significantly improved when the substance is encapsulated in a nano-emulsion.
For cannabidiol or CBD, the well-known cannabis substance, which has anti-inflammatory, pain-reducing and sleep-promoting effects, the bioavailability is very poor, when not administered in water-soluble nano-form. In order to produce cannabis beverages with a high potency, the cannabinoids must be nano-emulsified.

The Solution

Stuph emulsifier makes it easy to formulate beverages such as waters, isotonic sport drinks, soft drinks, coffees, dairy-based drinks and juices fortified with bioactive compounds such as cannabinoids, vitamins, lipids, flavours and other health-promoting substances.

Simplicity: Stuph-formulated nano-emulsions are ternary formulations comprising three phases: oil, water, and Stuph emulsifier. Fortification of beverages with nano-formulated bioactive compounds gets easy with Stuph!

Beverages, drinks, and tinctures can be fortified with nano-emulsified active ingredients, which have a very high bioavailability.
With Stuph emulsifier, cannabidiol (CBD) is made water-soluble so that it can be added to any water-based beverage, whilst offering great bioavailability!

nano emulsion cannabis CBD oil -stuph
Clear nano-emulsions for a high bioavailability of bio-active compounds.

Stuph Nanoemulsions

  • Improved bioavailability
  • Improved absorption
  • Improved pharmakokinetics
  • Long-term stablility
  • Clear appearance
  • Water-solubility
  • No interference with product aroma, taste and mouthfeel
  • No off-flavour
  • Improved shelf-life

Nano-Emulsions as Drug Carrier

To achieve a high absorption of poorly soluble nutrients and bioactive compounds into the cells, those bioactive substances must be formulated into a nanocarrier. Nano-emulsions function as nanocarrier or nano-drug-delivery vehicle and can be loaded with manifold phyto-chemicals and nutrients. Improved shelf-life: The incorporation of hydrophobic bioactive compounds into a nano-formulation such as a nano-emulsion protects the active substance against degradation through light, oxygen, high temperatures etc.

Typical molecules formulated into nano-emulsions include:

  • antioxidants
  • phenolic compounds
  • carotenoids
  • hydrophobic (water-insoluble) vitamins
  • essential oils
  • essential fatty acids

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