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Stuph Nano-Emulsifier Recipe: Pain Relieving Topicals

Many pain relieving substances, which can be applied topically and are absorbed through the skin (transdermally), are oil-based and thereby not water-soluble. By nano-emulsification, the bioactive ingredients are incorporated as nano-spheres into an aqueous phase, which makes them water-soluble, highly bioavailable and effective. In a water-soluble, spherical nano-sized form, the bioactive ingredients such as essential oils, terpenes, CBD, and amino acids can be easily absorbed and transported into the cells. STUPH nano-emulsifiers such as STUPH 4525 are ideal to formulate bioactive compounds such as essential oils, terpenes, amino acids etc. into topicals such as creams, transdermal sprays, gels, ointments and lotions.

Eucalyptus oil can be efficiently emulsified with STUPH nano-emulsifiers.STUPH nano-emulsifiers are food-grade stabilizers, which are ideal to formulate high-quality nano-emulsions used in edibles, beverages, cosmetics and topicals.
Eucalyptus oil – efficiently nano-emulsified with STUPH nano-emulsifiers
  • STUPH 4525B     100g
  • Active                    14g
  • Ethanol                  30g
  • Gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA)    1.5g
  • L-Arginine                 1.5g
  • Cocoa butter 150g
  • Extra virgin olive oil 75g
  • Glycerine 50g
  • Distilled water 725g
  1. Prepare your pain relieving compounds: In our exemplary recipe, we use the essential oil of eucalyptus (eucalyptus oil) as main active substance, which is well known to reduce pain and inflammation associated with many conditions such as joint pain, osteoarthritis, or rheumatoid arthritis. The amino acids GABA (Gamma AminoButyric Acid) and arginine are added  to promote healing effects. Mix 50g STUPH 4525B with 15g ethanol, 3.5g eucalyptus oil, 0.8g GABA, and 0.8g L-arginine in a beaker and blend thoroughly. Then divide the mixture in two parts of the same volume.
  2. In a heating pan, 150 g cocoa butter is mixed with 75g olive oil and melted at 100°F. Then, one part of mixture containing the pain relieving ingredients from step 1 is slowly added and thoroughly stirred into a homogeneous blend. 
  3. An aqueous phase, such as 125mL water containing 50g glycerin is heated to 100°F and the second part of the lipid phase, which was prepared in step 1, is poured slowly under the probe of the ultrasonic homogenizer (e.g. using ultrasonicator UP200Ht) for 5 -10 min. 
STUPH nano-emulsifiers such as STUPH 4525 are highly efficient food-grade nano-stabilizers, which are applied to produce long-term stable, nano-sized formulations such as foods, beverages, cosmetics and transdermal topicals. The STUPH nano-enhanced formulations are clear (see-through emulsions), food-grade and offer a great flavour. STUPH nano-emulsions excel by a high bioavailability of the bioactive ingredients and result in potent, highly effective applications (e.g. supplements, fortified foods & drinks, personal care products etc.)
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  1. The resulting emulsion is cooled by diluting it with 600mL distilled water. The emulsion temperature should get down to 40-50°F (slightly cool) and is then subjected to ultrasonication for approx. 15-20 min. to avoid agglomeration. 
  1. The resulting nanoparticle suspension is characterized to obtain 15mg active as final concentration in the lipid suspension. The obtained mixture should be fluid enough to fill it into a roll-on stick or to use it as a transdermal spray.

Alternative formulations may contain essential oils such as rosemary, lavender or rose-hip oil, which have relaxing and calming effects.

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