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Stuph™ Recipes

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Stuph™ supply chain

You won’t have any  foreseeable supply chain issues with Stuph™ StuphCorp the producer of Stuph™ is fully stocked! We have the Stuph™ you need to

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Morning Health Drink You wake up and do your morning stretches to find, that you pulled a muscle in your back and it’s inflamed. Was

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Using drink Stuph™

These are the steps to create an oil emulsion using drink Stuph™.  Remember the ratio of drink Stuph™ to your oil is 8:1.  Eight parts

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Honey and Stuph™

Stuph Nano-Emulsifier Recipe: Nano-CBD Honey There is growing interest in a digestible product and/or a topical application product comprising honey along with terpenes, terpenoids, and

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