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Morning Health Drink You wake up and do your morning stretches to find, that you pulled a muscle in your back and it’s inflamed. Was it playing with the kid, or chopping firewood for the firepit, or is it the dreaded ‘old’ age? The muscle is tight and inflamed, and you want to stay away […]

food stuph

Using food Stuph™

These are the steps to create an oil powder using food Stuph™. Remember the ratio of food Stuph™ to your oil is 1:1. One parts food Stuph™ to one part oil. Step 1: Heat food Stuph™ between 55 to 70°C. Step 2: Heat oil to between 55 to 70°C. Step 3:  Add equal parts oil […]

Using drink Stuph™

These are the steps to create an oil emulsion using drink Stuph™.  Remember the ratio of drink Stuph™ to your oil is 8:1.  Eight parts drink Stuph™ to one part oil. Step 1: Heat 25 grams of component B in cup 1.Step 2: Add 3 grams of oil to cup 1.Step 3: Mechanically mix both […]

Honey and Stuph™

Stuph Nano-Emulsifier Recipe: Nano-CBD Honey There is growing interest in a digestible product and/or a topical application product comprising honey along with terpenes, terpenoids, and flavonoids. However, combining honey with these active components faces challenges, such as instability and inconsistent compositions, which as such are unsuitable for use as nutraceutical compositions. Using drink Stuph™ concentrate […]

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